Tapioca Soup| Sago Soup | Sabudana soup 

Well tapioca has got many different names according to different region , some call sago ,sabudan, mangnokka, sabba akki ,kappa kizhangu , javvarisi etc. Tapioca soup is very easy and quick recipe.Below is the recipe. During Navarathri sabudana is taken in India . People who does fasting normally take this in many forms sabudana kichdi click for recipe here Sabudana khichaḍi  , sabudana raita for recipe click here Sabudana raita ,sabudana kheer. Here we are with with the recipe of Sabudana soup.


1 cup tapioca (sabudana)soaked overnight and drained.

2 to 3 green chili. ( As per taste)

1 Tbsp Black pepper. ( As per taste)


2 cup water while boiling and little more at later stages to balance the consistency

Mint or coriander (optional)

Lemon juice (optional)


In a cooker add all the above ingredients except mint and lemon juice and cook until  the tapioca are completely dissolved in water. There are chances that as you cook the soup would become thicker, in that case please add more water according to the consistency of the soup you like and mix it well and boil it for another 3 to 4 mins and then serve hot topped with lemon juice, mint or coriander leaves.

Tip: You can even use Rice cooker/ Electric Cooker to make this soup.


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